Custom made Wall-mount Ethernet Communication network adapters Powerline-200MB


This item is 200mb powerline with Ethernet cable slot.


Up to 200Mbps speed, ideal solution for VOD,HD video streaming and gaming at home. Up to 300 meters transmitting range over house power circuit. Power-Saving Mode automatically reduces power consumption by up to 75%. Plug and play, available for all the customer, easy installation. Avoid unsightly networking cable in the house. Ideal solution for industrial application, where internet signal is not easy to reach, Such as IPC. 128-Bit AES encryption secures personal communication

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>>>Questions and Answer:

1 What is the power line / networking?

By Powerline Adapter , any electrical appliances, such as computers, printers, TV, VCR, set-top boxes, security surveillance facilities, IPTV, audio ...... can be easily connected through existing wires. Powerline Networking does not need to set up a new network cable, low cost, versatile, high-speed stability, and transmission speeds of up to 85 megabytes and 200 megabytes.

2 Using this product can connect up to several computer?

Recommended not to exceed 15 units.

3 two computers to connect via Powerline Adapter

Under no circumstances appliances or interference sources will be able to reach the farthest 300M, 100M transmission speed but then will drop, it may lead to weakening or loss of data messages, and does not recommend the product into a surge protector, as these devices may interfere signal transmission.

4 This product is a wireless network with the major difference?

No need to set the Plug and Play with no lines who must set the base station and the network card, and the network signal is susceptible compartment walls and floors up and down the barrier and attenuation of electromagnetic waves on the human body and cause harm.

5 The product plugged into the power outlet to use. Will affect the use of other household appliances it?

Will not. There is no impact on household appliances, because frequency band power line transmission and appliances used for different uses, so it will not affect.

6 Using the product in the power line transmission network signals will not interfere with home appliances affected?

No, because the frequency band power line transmission and appliances used for different uses, so it will not affect.

7 The product can be used with an extension cord to use it?

Yes, but the easiest and best selection of general extension cord to use. Some will install a surge protector extension cord and filtering, these devices have an extension cord is not recommended.

8. Whether this product can be connected to the UPS (uninterruptible power system) back?

No, because UPS (uninterruptible power system) generally have a filtering effect, it will affect the transmission power line network connection or not, it is not recommended to pick up later in UPS.

9 different brands of powerline products can communicate it?

Yes, currently different powerline networking products are to follow the same specification development on the market by virtue of his here is interoperability.

10 Put this product plugged into the power outlet is not able to immediately access it?

Can not. ADSL or cat shall be simultaneously connected to a back-end router product, before they can access.

11 across floors can use?

If used on different floors of the same power meter loop, you can use the Internet together. Same meter loop mean, due to the characteristics of the three-phase four-wire AC circuits, the power received cats need to use the same phase, a different phase line are physically isolated, unable to communicate using Cat Power

12 This product can be connected to the computer in addition, can also be used with other information devices?

Yes, where products need to be used over a network connection can be used together. Such as Internet telephony, network printers, digital copiers, digital cameras, wireless base station ... and so on.

13 Powerline Adapter standards and other network standards can be compatible?

Yes, using the latest power cat standards, the most advanced and stable adjustment intellon chip, can coexist and the telephone line, a radio network, and will not interfere with each other. Cat power control apparatus and the power is completely different frequencies, as they do not interfere with each other.

14 Using the software you need to install Powerline Adapter?

No, plug and play, do not have to do any software installation without any configuration.

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